68mm conical burrs
The conical burr directs the powder straight down

We've removed the powder funnel and introduced a grind chute design to minimize residual powder.

The vertical channel not only promotes even grinding but also reduces leftover residue on the burr.

Over 300 clicks of ultra-fine adjustment

Each rotation consists of 100 clicks, allowing for an adjustment of 0.008mm per click. This incredibly fine-tuning feature expands brewing possibilities, helping you discover your perfect brewing spot. Simultaneously, we maintain " stepped adjustment" markings, clearly recording each grinding setting for your convenience.

Impeccable precision in burr accuracy

We utilize a 68mm large conical burr paired with a high-torque 192W brushed DC motor. Operating at 60 RPM, equivalent to one rotation per second, this low-speed design prevents heat buildup that could compromise flavor.

Magnetic design for quick and easy disassembly

We utilize a fully magnetic modular design, facilitating effortless disassembly of each component for cleaning.

Tool-free disassembly, addressing cleaning concerns for both perfectionists and coffee enthusiasts.

Aluminum alloy material

Crafted entirely from aluminum alloy, enhancing the sense of quality. Compact in size, saving space.

Additionally, the receiver fits perfectly with the 58mm espresso portafilter. Let's work together to create a smooth workspace.