38mm conical burrs
Smaller than a sheet of paper

Taking up no space at all in design, whether in the kitchen, living room or on the go. It's your perfect coffee companion.

The best grinder for easy cleaning.

With a single push, the burr set can be removed for easy cleaning with a brush and a blower. No tools required to disassemble the burr, making it the perfect choice for perfectionist like you.

High torque for effortless grinding.

Equipped with a 38mm burr set and 12.6V high torque, it automatically stops after grinding. Free your hands and make espresso grinding no longer a physical challenge.

A smarter charging design.

With a Type C charging cable, it can grind 30-50 times on a full charge, greatly enhancing convenience. The replaceable battery design ensures that the grinder can accompany you for a longer period.